"Carrying Water" LEGO Stop-Motion Video

A Story of Engineering

In 2015 my talented colleague Gina Palacios and I entered the Engineering for You (e4u) video contest from the National Academy of Engineering. We wanted to tell a sweet short story about a child using engineering skills to help the community. With additional help from other friends, we designed, shot, and produced a stop-motion video using LEGO props, called "Carrying Water". Gina did all the photography and and video production, and I focused on the set. Check it out below!

For more details on the project, see the video notes on YouTube. Some storyboards that we used to help develop the video are shown below, too.


  1. YouTube video entry: "Carrying Water"
  2. National Academy of Engineering Engineering for You (e4u) video contest
  3. Website of Gina Palacios, artist and instructional technologist

Ideas and Storyboards

Some sketches from my planning notebook related to the "Carrying Water" video are shown here. Can you tell how things evolved from paper to film?